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Covid 19 UPDATE 

Dear friends,

I am now based in Madrid, and when our lock down started in early March I shut down the store. I wasn't in the frame of mind to sell anything or to organise trips to the Post Office, I imagine many of you felt them same way.

Nearly 7 weeks into confinement we are now allowed to take children outside for one hour a day. I searched online for face masks for my son and daughter and could not find anything.


A few weeks ago my manufacturer in Spain had contacted me to tell me she had stopped all on going production to start producing face masks. At the time I did not feel it was something I wanted to sell. But life goes on, our needs have changed and I want to make sure that if parents wish to protect their little ones they can do so in a kid friendly colourful style.

The result is our new line of face masks and that our shop has re opened!


Stay Safe and thank you for your ongoing support!

Maria x


We will for now only offer deliveries to the UK and Spain.

There are two options for Delivery Method at check out: Fast Delivery with XXXX and Ordinary Post.


Protective wear such as Mask and Gloves will be used when preparing parcels.

Please wash items before use.



Exterior layer of the Face Masks is a FFP2 certified fabric that is impermeable and breathable.

Interior layer of the Face Masks is made of 100% Cotton, OEKO TEX certified fabric, it is soft to touch and breathable.

The mask has a pocket in which you can insert another layer. We have inserts available made of Non Woven fabric.

Please take note that these are not Medical Masks, they are a protective layer and all social distancing measures should be applied.

The Face Masks should not be used on young children under age of 3, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

Children should not be left unattended with the Face Mask.

Face Masks are not a toy.

Be careful not to touch eyes, nose, and mouth when removing the Face Mask and wash hands immediately after removing.

Our Face Masks can be washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine.

Made in Spain.

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